Windows 10 Update 2019 Nearly Upon Us

It’s that time of year again with a new Windows 10 update being released. The update will land on most computers in early April and will feature the below features

  • A new light theme is available which turns the task bar, Start menu, and other areas of the Windows Shell white.
  • Shadows are now present under several UI elements in including XAML context menus and window popups.
  • The login screen now features Acrylic blur effects.
  • The Emoji Panel is now drag-able.
  • Emoji 12, Kaomoji, and Symbols are available in the Emoji Panel.
  • Focus Assist will now automatically turn on when entering full screen in an app.
  • You can now customise quick actions directly within the Action Centre.
  • A new brightness slider is now present in the quick actions area in Action Centre.
  • The default wallpaper has been updated with lighter colours and a flatter aesthetic.
  • Snip & Sketch now supports window snip for easy screen-shotting of app windows.
  • Start and Taskbar jump lists now feature Fluent Design reveal and blur effects.
  • The power and account menus in the Start menu now includes icons.
  • The Start menu default layout has been simplified, now using a single column with a cleaner setup.
  • You can now unpin entire live tile groups in the Start menu.
  • The File Explorer icon is now slightly darker to better fit in with the light theme.
  • Game Bar has been updated with a new UI.
  • Cloud Clipboard’s UI has been tweaked to better suite keyboard and mouse use.
  • Friendly Dates are now the default date format in File Explorer.
  • Task bar jump lists will now match your task bar colour.

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