When is your telephone more than a telephone?

When it can also be a member of staff

Like GP surgeries throughout the country, the Cranborne Practice and Lake Road Verwood are working to offer the COVID-19 vaccination to their patients as quickly as possible. Keeping people informed and updated is essential when understandably, everybody seeks answers to questions they may have about the vaccine.

Patients without access to the internet were contacting the practice, which added to the workload of reception staff already working at capacity. The Practice worked with members of its Patient Participation Group (PPG) introduced the Community Information Vaccination Line, a telephone information service that provides up to date information for local people.

MemorySmith Computing was approached and provided the technical solution with our 3CX telephony service, setting up a dedicated telephone line with an outgoing message with options to hear important and timely updates from the Practice. Pre-recorded information messages are prepared by the Practice and emailed to us at MemorySmith Computing. We immediately upload them to our telephony system, ready to be accessed by the community.

Since its launch, our system has been handling over 40 calls a day to the system, helping to support our local GP surgery in their effort to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination, protect the NHS and save lives.