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Benefit from increased flexibility, greater functionality, and significantly lower costs – with our VOIP telephony systems.

In business it has never been more important to have flexibility, the ability to operate remotely and to keep operational costs down. Your existing telephone systems may not provide the flexibility and facilities required to be responsive and meet ever changing business needs and those of your customers:

Introducing MemorySmith telephony:

  • Typical savings of over 33% on your monthly telephony costs

  • Keep your existing telephone numbers

  • Free VoIP calls from your company’s smartphones

  • Have easy to implement flexibility and choice over call routing, numbers and extensions.

  • Integrated web conferencing facility

  • Voice mail and call recording functionality

  • Integrate with office 365 or your CRM system for seamless communication

  • Integrate with online presence with the included website chat facility enabling your customers to contact you in real time

These benefits are supported with a full management suite enabling you to have greater visibility and control over your communications:

The system has impressive security and backup functionality – has full industry leading end to end encryption and has failsafe functionality ensuring minimum downtime.

Price packages start from £10 (ex vat) per month.

Call 0800 634 3569 or see the system in action for yourself by accessing our online chat facility (lower left) –

We can start to save you money, give you the flexibility, scalability and resilience needed to run a business in these challenging times and provide significant added value to your telecoms system – all supported by local personal service.

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain!


Choosing your Remote Working Tools from MemorySmith

The success of your company’s transition to remote working lies in the tools you have at your disposal. Choose a trusted provider like MemorySmith Computing and you’ll be working without boundaries in no time. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

A browser-based web client

The 3CX Web Client enables you to access your company’s phonebook, conferencing solution and collaboration tools wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and your 3CX extension!

Video Conferencing

The MemorySmith 3CX WebMeeting feature allows users to conduct face-to-face meetings from home and collaborate using whiteboards, PDF sharing, polls and more. You can choose between classroom-style webinars for educational purposes or meeting rooms for discussions with clients and colleagues

Internal Messaging

Do you know 90% of us would prefer to message rather than call? Use internal messaging to collaborate with colleagues, share files and discuss progress

Fully Integrated Mobile Applications

For those who need to work whilst on the move having reliable mobile apps is a must. A MemorySmith 3CX offers both iOS and Android apps at no extra cost for all users, so employees can call, chat and VC using their office extension, wherever they are! It’s perfect for sales reps, teachers and those with active roles.

Live Chat

If you are a customer-facing organization, we know that business doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office. Add MemorySmith 3CX Live Chat to your website and let customers ask you questions directly. Chats can be accessed via the web client or mobile app so there’s no need to log into a myriad of platforms from your home office