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Managed Services

The majority of businesses do not have the resources to employ a dedicated IT manager despite them being so dependant on the IT systems running smoothly. We offer a range of managed service options that help keep costs down whilst stopping problems before they happen.

​We are not simply a support company though. We work to build relationships and get to the stage where we are your IT department. 

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Remote Monitoring

  • Our software continually monitors your computer hardware for errors that can prevent your systems from working for you.

Software Installs

  • We can install any new software you need remotely, whilst keeping you working on your computer. Keeping you productive.

Remote Support

  • Our tools allow support agents to connect to your computers when you have a problem or fault so we can fix the problem fast .

Patch Management

  • Software needs to be updated on a regular basis and maintained. Most users let this slip. We do all the work for you so you can be worry free.