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Computers built around you

MemorySmith Computing  of Verwood specialise in custom built computers. These differ from your traditional, shop bought computers, or from online suppliers in several ways

After listening and understanding our customers needs, each custom built system is designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. We look at how you already use a computer and what you may want to do in the future, so we can hand pick the very best components for your system.

From there we build the system using established branded components taking the utmost care, routing cables neatly, securing the components and make the new system perform to its very best right from the start.

Each system is “Future proofed” built in such a way to allow it to be upgraded easily in the future so, the next time you need a new computer, all you need to do is give us a call and we help upgrade individual parts.

We also provide a migration service ensuring that your new system is ready to go out of the box and your important data pre loaded. 

You are welcome to come and visit our premises to see what we have available and view some of our prebuilt demo systems. 

Building PC at Memorysmith

Business Systems

Our business systems are built to deliver reliability, security and stability, fully configured to meet the demands of today’s businesses. We work with company owners, IT Departments and buyers to fully understand how the computers will be used, the security and compliance standards required and the budget available. 

Our ethos is to build systems that are optimised and deliver exceptional value for money without compromising on quality. In addition our business systems can benefit from our fully integrated managed service to ensure that they are always up to date, fully patched and through our supplier ESET regularly check for virus, malware and other internet threats. 

The first step is to contact us and we can meet to discuss your businesses needs. There are a lot of companies selling computers out there, but we believe in fully understanding the outcomes you want from you system and build to meet them, so you are not paying for hardware you don’t need or buy computers supplied with pre installed software not required in a business environment.

Bespoke Gaming Systems

PC gamers want the fastest machines capable of handling the latest games and Virtual Reality experiences. As new games are released the quality is improving, but so also is the demand on the processor, video card and wider system.

Many companies supply generic gaming systems capable of playing most modern games. At Memorysmith we take a slightly different approach.  We sit down with our customers and understand their gaming needs, what genre of games, frame rates required, the look and feel of the system, the ability to upgrade and critically handle the games of the future.

This is how we build our business around each and every one of our customers so you can sure your gaming PC will be as unique as you want it to be, so not only can you keep up to date and play the latest games with ease, but also stand out from crowd. Call us today to discuss you gaming needs, Its only a phone call and we believe that you will be interested in what we have to offer.


Every now and again a computer will break.


This does not always mean that you need to replace the whole computer though. In most instances we can put a repair in place that, not only gets you back up and running, but gives you a system that is faster than it ever was before.

All systems coming into the workshop for repair also get a full service and virus / malware scan as standard so you can be certain you get your system back in tip top condition.