New feature added to the website

Most of our regular visitors will have noticed the changes to the website recently. This has been a major change from our part to make it easier to see what we do as a business and let visitors find the information they need easily.

Sometimes this is not enough.

Have you ever visited a website and had one of those annoying chat things pop up and pretend to be a real person waiting for you to talk to them? Well we now have one but with a difference.

We now have a new chat option that comes up on the website that will allow you to chat to us via, either Facebook Messenger or Whats app, but with us all on the other end.

This works best during office hours but, if we can, we will be available to chat to you straight away and it will always be a member of the team based at our head office. No fake chats, no call centres, just the same real people you can speak to if you call us.

Give it a try and let us have a chat about anything you need.