Improving the customer experience

Most small business struggle to grow. When MemorySmith Computing started we knew that the time would come when issues could present themselves. That is why we took steps to make sure that we built our systems in such a way that they could be easily changed whenever we needed to update.

One such update took place this weekend when we rolled out our brand new customer database and support system. The new system allows all of our customers to have their cases logged and tracked with total visibility of what has happened to fix their fault. By registering and logging into our new customer portal, you can track your faults, see how fast we deal with them and stay totally up to date on how your case is progressing.

Along with this we are also in the process of adding our new knowledge-base which will provide our customers with the ability to see simple fixes to common issues – even when we are closed.

There is a lot more to come from the new system and we are being careful to roll out the features in stages so that they are all implemented in the best way. Keep checking back and keep seeing all the new stuff we have planned to keep bringing you the best possible support available from a local IT company.

Building PC at Memorysmith