Guest WiFi

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Guest WiFi is important for every business that deals with members of the public or has clients visiting its premises. 

Take a quick look at our promo video below (its not long) and then scroll down to find out more.

At MemorySmith Computing we have joined with an innovative company that allows us to bring the best guest WiFi system we could find for our customers. The system has been built from the very start with the customer experience as the main focus, making a system that is easy to use and just works! Reducing the number of customer WiFi complaints from the very moment it gets installed.

Each of the above benefits are benefits for each type of business. WiFi has become the one thing that any hospitality business needs to avoid losing out on customers. However, we think it is time that WiFi is put back to work for you by doing far more than just capturing email addresses.

Every business owner knows just how valuable it is to have good data about your customers. With growing concerns about data privacy and the new regulations that have come with GDPR – this information has become harder than ever to obtain.
Our system is GDPR compliant and, once a guest is connected to the system, they can share a wealth of information with you but do not have to compromise any of their personal data.

Our WiFi system allows you to understand what time of day different age groups and genders visit your business, giving you the ability to tailor your offers to the right demographics.

Adverts promoted through the fully branded login portal can be targeted at the demographic you want to reach.

View the area your customers are coming with our easy to visualise map, this in turn shows you where your biggest customer base is – aiding in the use of traditional marketing techniques.

You also have the option to make the WiFi pay for itself with third-party advertising.

It’s cost effective, prices are based on per access point, not per room.

Scalable – suitable for smaller or larger businesses.

  1. Capture email addresses of customers
  2. Learn the gender and age range of your customers
  3. Record the time of day your customers visit and how long they stay
  4. Find out where your customers are coming from and how often they come back to your business
  5. Put your own adverts onto a fully branded login system – driving customers to specific products and services
  6. Review all of the data in an easy to use interface

Our Guest WiFi has been built with the guest experience as the initial focus, while at the same time having the ability to upsell your products and services, communicate with your customers but still ensuring the system is reliable and cost effective.