Please, please, please, backup your data.


It is not often that we write a blog out of sheer frustration but tonight sees us in one of those situations. This week (it is only Wednesday) we have had three business clients and one home user that have all suffered lost data through not making adequate backups. We know we offer a great backup service and we also know, that most people, see this offering as us trying to make more money. This is simply not the case. We operate as a business on referrals. 95% of our new business comes from recommendations. Our job, company ethic, goal, and culture  – is to offer the best IT advice we can. Yes we are a business but our profit comes from the repeat custom we get as a result of us always offering the best advice. Backups are an essential part of modern day life. If you are not backing up your vital data then you are immediately at risk of losing it all. Our policy is straight forwards (those of you that remember Dusty Bin will already know it). Backups are defined as 3-2-1.  3 Copies of all your essential data. 2 copies on site. 1 copy off site. We offer seamless backups that require users to do nothing at all. No remembering to make a backup, no finding out you have lost a months worth of data because you forgot and no finding out your backups to a flash drive have failed because, the cheap and high capacity drive you bought from Amazon, has failed. If you need advice then please call us. We have a generation of children growing up that will never know what they looked like in the bath, never know how much they enjoyed playing on swings at three  – all because the simple and cheap process of keeping those memories safe has been avoided when all you need is the right advice.

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